Uses a variety of tests to determine a Parkinson's Score


Track your previous test scores and determine trends

Extra Features

Smart keyboard to help with speech disabilites caused by Parkinson's
(Not part of the Study)

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Video Demo

For instructions to use MobiTest, watch the MobiTest video demo for a walkthrough on the features used in the study. There are more details and screenshots below.


Parkinson's Monitor

MobiTest is a multifunctional Parkinson's Disease monitor which can track the progression of motor functions using a variety of tests.

This app will use three tests to gauge the severity of Parkinson's. In the Static Spiral Test, the user must trace a spiral on the screen as stable as possible within 6 seconds. In the Dynamic Spiral Test, the user must trace another spiral on the screen as stable as possible within 6 seconds; however, the spiral will flash on and off to test the user's short-term memory of the location of the spiral. Lastly, in the Stability Test, the user must press on a specific part of the screen without moving their finger for 12 seconds, all while performing mental arithmetic, which could affect motor functionality.

The user also has access to the statistics regarding their progression of testing scores.

The last feature, also unique to MobiTest, is an Accessible Keyboard, drastically improving communication with someone who has speech impediments, a common yet overlooked result of Parkinson's Disease. This feature is not a part of the study, and just an experimentation with using Bayesian Theory.

We are  looking for volunteers to contribute to testing this testing funtionality. If you are at risk of Parkinson's or any other movement disorder, please consider contacting me to join the study and help make Parkinson's diagnosis accessible to everyone.

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